Amazone ZG -TS
Amazone ZG - TS

Amazone ZG-TS Spreader

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A broader fertilizer band – fewer  passes – plus WindControl, weigh cells, boundary and precision spreading all in one high-tech, high-performance system.
REACH AND ACCURACY – Apply fertilizer with up to twice the reach and accuracy of the competition – fewer passes can translate to less time in the field
WIND CONTROL – Compensate for wind automatically. The wind sensors talk to the computer and change the disc speed and delivery system to compensate for the wind automatically.
SECTION CONTROL – Dynamic Spread offers 128-part width sections – puts the right application in the right place, no matter the shape or borders and acreage within the field.
EasyCheck TEST KIT – Optimize lateral distribution – layout the rubber EasyCheck collecting mats, make the application, and take pictures with the mySpreader app to calculate the most optimal settings.
ISOBUS READY – Our ISOBUS-enabled machines have plug and play capability to all of our terminals and other ISOBUS terminals.

The new Amazone ZG -TS trailed spreader is capable of working widths up to 177 ft. and operational speeds of up to 18.5 mph while achieving even higher outputs. The integrated AutoTS border spreading system and GPS Switch automatic part width section control of up to 128 part width sections allows for very precise spreading results. The online PorfisPro weighing system ensures continuous monitoring of the application rate and the ArgusTwin monitors the pattern for perfect lateral distribution, even with varied fertilizer or adverse weather conditions. Need more details? Find all product specs here.

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