TerraGator TG8300C

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  • Designed to keep product in suspension while reducing chemical entrapment risk
  • Industry’s simplest operation with no-shift CVT transmission
  • Flexible frames offer a smoother, more efficient ride for less wear and tear on the machine
  • Intuitive and fully integrated AccuTerminal® gives you full machine control

Robust, full-featured booms combine with the new reload station to give you control, confidence and convenience when applying liquid products.
A rugged boom tree with hydraulically adjustable boom height, full-boom breakaway with hydraulic cylinder return and 4×4 tube construction for greater durability.
Gain more precision with an increase in the number of sections over previous models to a total of seven sections, resulting in less overlap and less wasted product.
Enhanced booms with 27% larger 1.75-inch boom pins, wider inner-boom cross-section and structural members, and enhanced mid-boom fold and tip breakaway structures for reliability day after day.
Faster fold speed with soft landing, capability for independent left/right folding and new boom stops positioned out of the operator’s forward view.



The time-trusted AirMax Precision™ and Air Spreader Soilection® systems are the best choice to place particles directly in the zone where they are needed when precision is the goal.
Latest in spinner technology with New Leader® EDGE and G5 options.
TerraGator DNA in your AirMax, now with 85% more material in robust fan mounts, a proven corrosion-resistant coating on oil coolers, and the toughest hydraulic hose from the industry leader all standard on AirMax Precision.

Product is precisely delivered through individual nozzles and boom sections from the conveyor chain until it reaches the ground. Shut down boom sections to reduce spread pattern by 50% for less waste, better accuracy and improved environmental stewardship.

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