Thomas Tucker

Thomas Tucker

Precision Farming Lead

Thomas Tucker currently serves as the Manager of the Precision Farming department at Hlavinka Equipment Co. Today the department runs under the name Gulf Coast Precision Ag.

Thomas runs the Precision Farming department overseeing the fine technicians and salesman, the behind-the-scenes administrative duties, and all aspects that help make the precision farming department run like a well-oiled machine. This includes making sure that our local growers are assisted in not only growing their best crop, but maximizing the greatest control over the most variables that could impede their best harvest possible through precision farming components. Today, Gulf Coast Precision Ag services the entire Gulf Coast Region. Our dealer network spans the Gulf Coast including locations in Nome, East Bernard, El Campo, Victoria, and Taft. Each one of our locations represents the industry-leading precision equipment from Case IH, Agco, Trimble, Raven, and Precision Planting.

Thomas has traveled to several countries for Hlavinka Equipment company as a PF Specialist or tractor technician. He began working for HEC the summer of 2014, on a tractor that had been badly struck by lightning. The restoration of that tractor is what he believes is the key component to his growth of knowledge in working on electronics in tractors and understanding what makes them bleep.

Thomas enjoys spending time with his family in nature; hiking, biking, snorkeling/scuba, and traveling to some of the most beautiful, picturesque views in the world. From slot canyons to Gypsy table sides, when Thomas isn’t working for Hlavinka Equipment Company, he and his family are trying to view the world from a different set of eyes. Having visited 15 countries and 5 continents, his goal is to raise a family that is cultured and see the wonders of the world in some of the most remote regions you can get to.

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