Colin Hlavinka

Colin Hlavinka

VP | Complex Sales Manager

Colin has been involved in agriculture his entire life.  As a lifelong resident of the Texas Gulf Coast, Colin grew up on a rice farm. That is where the foundation was set.  He started driving an old hand clutch tractor rolling a field in front of the rice drill.  It has advanced many times along the way.

Being born into a farming family means that your entire world revolves around the seasons.  At the end of high school, he decided to follow the path of many Hlavinkas, and attend Texas A&M University. He continued to farm every weekend during college.  Upon graduation, he decided to join the family farm full time.  This lasted a few years until the cost of land, rent and farm margins of the early 2000’s ended his farming career.

Colin went to work at Farmers Coop of El Campo, in the retail division. He worked there for several years and even managed the retail division, which had several locations.  This was enjoyable, but was not as close to the dirt as he liked to be. Then he took a job with Hlavinka Equipment Company as an outside salesperson.  He worked in sales for a few years. Once the autosteer phase ramped up, he jumped on board.  He ran and grew the precision farming department for 9 years.  Currently he serves as Director of Sales for the organization. 

Colin has been married to his wife Brooke for over 20 years.  They have a son who is currently enrolled in the Engineering College at Texas A&M University.  He enjoys hunting, fishing, reloading, and shooting.  These hobbies unfortunately get put on the back burner, as he has inherited the Hlavinka workaholic gene.  Most of the time he is either in the office, driving, or in the field all the while, usually on the phone.

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