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Precision Farming

Case IH precision farming, GPS, RTK, RTX, Auto Guidance, AFS solutions at Hlavinka Equipment Company, Your source for new and used farm and construction equipment, used tractors, combines, cotton pickers, skid steers, backhoes, excavators, hay equipment from 7 locations in Texas Coastal Bend.

Guidance Hotline - Your one stop call for all guidance questions: (888) 813-2292

  • Guidance
  • GPS Mapping
  • RTX Systems
  • RTK Systems
  • Mapping Plant Population
  • Seeding, Spraying & Fertilizer Technologies
  • Sprayer Boom Controls
  • Yield Monitoring
  • Yield Mapping




  • Through farmer input, Precision Farming technologies are now user-friendly
  • Hlavinka Equipment Comapany's experienced Precision Farming Support Team will help you every step of the way


  • Easy access to RTK & RTX accuracy
  • Operate anywhere within the network without losing accuracy
  • A Trimble modem and Hlavinka PF help is all you need!


  • Save money on fuel with less passes through the field
  • Save money with less input costs (seed, chemicals, fertilizers)
  • Save money by eliminating foam markers


Click here to download Precison Farming brochures:

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CASE IH Precision Farming