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The 73-hp Terex® TC75 compact crawler excavator is built for consistent, reliable jobsite performance. This excavator features the perfect combination for working in narrow jobsites — a short radius tail-swing and a Knickmatic® boom offset that allows operators to dig alongside the machine’s own tracks. With its side mounted engine, the TC75 excavator offers operators a powerful and productive excavator. And with a simple flip of a switch, operators can change from ISO to SAE controls to suit personal preference.

The TC75 model is equipped with an electro-proportional fingertip control system so that the operator can precisely control the oil flow for operating work attachments from zero to full from the cab. Terex offers different solutions for attachments to be replaced quickly and easily on this excavator. A mechanical quick-attach system comes standard, but an optional hydraulic quick-attach system is available to switch out attachments without the operator needing to leave the cab. An optional quick coupler system is also available to reduce downtime when replacing tools. The hydraulic lines can be easily even under residual pressure. It is able to handle 3.1 – 10.8 ft3 bucket capacities, and it is ideal for using hydraulic hammer and cutting units. By combining attachments with a swing motor, rotator, tilt rotator or combined swing/rotator unit, the use and work range of this Terex excavator is expanded considerably. For example, the bucket can being used as a swing bucket or as a loading shovel.

This unit weighs 16,535 lb and achieves a maximum dig depth of 13 ft in and maximum reach of 23 ft 10 in.


  • Monobloc boom, with extended dipperstick 2.000mm (6'7")
  • Circular boom, with dipperstick 1,650mm (5'5")


  • Rubber crawler track, 450mm (17") wide
  • Steel crawler track, 600mm (24") wide
  • Rubber-coated steel crawler chain 'Roadliner', 450mm (17") wide.


  • Front dozer blade, 2480 mm wide
  • Front dozer blade, extra-long version


  • Second control circuit (e.g. for sorting grab)
  • Third and fourth control circuit
  • Open return
  • Conversion kit from ISO controls to Schaeff controls
  • Float position dozer blade
  • A/B control pattern switch
  • Hose-rupture / load-retaining valve for monobloc boom
  • Hose-rupture / load-retaining valve for dipperstick (monobloc boom)
  • Hose-rupture / load-retaining valve for circular boom
  • Hose-rupture / load-retaining valve for intermediate boom and dipperstick (circular boom)
  • Hose-rupture / load-retaining valve for extended dipperstick (monobloc boom)
  • Biodegradable hydraulic oil / ester-based HLP 68 (Panolin)
  • Hydraulic boom height limitation, monobloc boom
  • Hydraulic boom height limitation, circular boom
Operating weight (monobloc boom) acc. to ISO 6016 16,538 lbs (7,500 kg)
Operating weight (circular boom) acc. to ISO 6016 17,416 lbs (7,900 kg)
Undercarriage (steel crawlers) 20" (500 mm wide) 551 lbs (250 kg)
Transport dimensions: MB / CB (L x H) 19' 9" x 8' 11" / 19' 4" x 8' 11"
  (6,030 x 2,720 / 5,900 x 2,720 mm)
Total width with dozer blade 7' 8" (2,330 mm
Total height (top of cab) 8' 11" (2,720 mm)
Ground Clearance 16.4" (410 mm)
Uppercarriage tailswing 3' 10" (1,175 mm)
Uppercarriage frontswing (monobloc boom / circular boom) 7' 6" / 5' 5" (2,300 / 1,650 mm)
Working envelope 180° (monobloc boom / circular boom) 11' 4" / 9' 1" (3,475 / 2,775 mm)
Working envelope 360° (monobloc boom / circular boom) 15' 1" / 10' 10" (4,600 / 3,300 mm)
Bucket digging force acc. to ISO 6015 (monobloc boom) 11,960 lbf (53,200 N)
Stick digging force acc. to ISO 6015 (monobloc b. / circular b.) 9,577 / 10,634 lbf (42,600 / 47,300 N)
Ground pressure (rubber crawlers) 4.5 psi (0.31 daN/cm2)
Ground pressure (steel crawlers) 4.6 psi (0.32 daN/cm2)
Manufacturer, model Deutz, TD 2011 L04W
Type "4-cylinder diesel engine, Tier 3 (2008)
Combustion 4-stroke cycle, direct fuel injection
Displacement 220 in3 (3,600 cm3)
Net power rating at 2,200 rpm (SAE J 1349) 73 HP (54 kW)
Torque 119 lbf ft (270 Nm) @ 1,600 rpm
Cooling system Water
Nominal voltage 12 V
Battery 12 V / 105 Ah
Generator 12 V / 95 A
Starter 12 V / 3.1 hp (2.3 kW)
Hydrostatic travel drive with planetary reduction gears on sprocket drives. Multi-disc brake acting as parking brake, automatically bled. 2-stage variable displacement motor, full power shift.  
2 speed ranges:  
Travel speed, forward and reverse 0-1.7 / 3.2 mph (0-2.7 / 5.2 km/h)
Gradeability > 60 %
Drawbar pull 1st / 2nd speed range 14,790 / 7,387 lbf (6,579 / 3,282 daN)
Maintenance-friendly B1 track-type undercarriage with triple grouser plates or rubber crawlers. Idler suspension with hydraulic crawler track tensioning.  
Width rubber crawlers / steel crawlers 18" / max. 24" (450 / max. 600 mm)
Total length (sprocket - idler) 7' 3" / 7' 5" (2,200 / 2,250 mm)
Total length (undercarriage) 9' 4" (2,850 mm)
Independent of drive train, sensitive control via separate hand lever.  
Width x height 7' 8" x 20" (2,330 x 496 mm)
Dozer cut below ground 15" (390 mm)
Dozer lift above ground 20" (500 mm)
Slope angle 35°
Independent, individual control of crawler chains, also counterwise. Sensitive control provided by pilot-operated hand levers combined with foot pedals. Full drawbar pull even at shifts in direction.  
Hydrostatic drive with 2-stage planetary gear and axial piston fi xed displacement motor, also acts as wear-restistant brake. In addition, automatically controlled spring-loaded multi-disc brake acting as parking brake.  
Swing speed 0-10 rpm
Lateral parallel adjustment of boom arrangement at full digging depth  
Angle of articulation / lateral adjustment left 63° / 32" (810 mm)
Angle of articulation / lateral adjustment right 65° / 37" (950 mm)
Fuel tank 34 gal (130 l)
Hydraulic system (incl. tank 16 gal (60 l)) 37 gal (140 l)
Working hydraulics: Axial-piston variable displacement pump with load sensing, coupled with a load-independent fl ow distribution (LUDV). Simultaneous, independent control of all movements. Sensitive maneuvers irrespective of loads.  
Pump capacity, max. 41 gpm (156 l/min)
Working pressure, max. 4,060 psi (280 bar)
The thermostatically controlled oil circuit ensures that the oil temperature is promptly reached and avoids overheating. Return fi lter installed in oil tank allows for eco-friendly replacement of filter elements.  
Gear pump for all positioning and swing movements. Pressure cut-off valve for sensitive and energy-saving swing movements.  
Pump capacity, max. 18 gal (68 l/min)
Working pressure, max. 3,335 psi (230 bar)
Control circuit for work attachments:  
Pump capacity, adjustable up to max. 26.4 gpm (100 l/min)
Working pressure, max. 4,060 psi (280 bar)
Two servo-assisted joystick controls (ISO) for excavator operations.