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Model TC60

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 Bridging the game between mini and large excavators, the 43-hp Terex® TC60 compact crawler excavator is an ideal solution for operators who need to dig deep, reach far and lift heavy loads on jobsites where space is at a premium. This zero-tail swing unit with an offset boom, incorporating built-in swing, provides exceptional maneuverability in confined environments and the ability for parallel-to-wall operation. Its powerful hydraulics and drive system increases jobsite productivity, while the auto-shift and auto-idle features simplify the machine’s controls for the operator.

This Terex excavator can be configured for individual jobsite requirements using different boom systems and extendable dipper sticks. A monobloc boom offers large digging depths, and its sturdy design permits high loading of material. An articulated boom provides excellent digging depths, reach and considerable dumping heights. A circular boom, unique to Terex, is suitable for narrower construction sites, allowing operators to cover a small working envelope with this midi-sized machine. The standard reach and digging depth can be adjusted for expanded use with an optional longer dipper stick.

The TC60 excavator boasts a light footprint without sacrificing performance. It weighs in at 12,460 lb, and it offers a maximum dig depth of 12 ft 2 in and a maximum reach of 20 ft 4 in. It has a bucket capacity of 2.4 – 8.2 ft3. This model comes standard with steel tracks for sturdy operation on rough terrain, providing a large contact area for a more comfortable ride. Optional rubber tracks are available for special applications.


  • Monobloc boom, with extended dipperstick 1,850 mm (6'1")


  • Steel crawler tracks, 400mm (16") wide
  • Rubber-coated steel crawler chain 'Roadliner', 400mm (16") wide.


  • Terex 'Fingertip' control (electro proportional) for additional control circuit for work attachments on right joystick, actuation via rollers
  • Terex 'Fingertip' control (electro proportional) incl. second additional control circuit on left joystick, actuation via rollers
  • Hose-rupture / load-retaining valve for boom with load warning device
  • Second additional control circuit (e.g. for sorting grab)
  • Hose-rupture / load-retaining valve for dipperstick
  • Biodegradable hydraulic oil / ester-based HLP 68 (Panolin)
  • Open return
  • Float position - dozer blade


  • Operator’s seat MSG 85 (comfort version), hydraulic damping, extra-high backrest, tilt-adjustable armrests longitudinal-horizontal suspension, mechanical lumbar support
  • Operator's seat MSG 95 (premium version), air damping, extra-high backrest and tilt-adjustable armrests, longitudinal-horizontal suspension, seat and backrest heating, pneumatic lumbar support


  • Canopy with working floodlight
Transport weight (incl. bucket) 12,460 lbs (5,650 kg)
Total length (trailer transport position) max. 19' 1" / min. 17' 8" (max. 5,810 / min. 5,390 mm)
Total width (uppercarriage) 5' 10" (1,780 mm)
Total width (undercarriage) 6’ 6” (1,980 mm)
Uppercarriage tailswing 3' 5" (1,050 mm)
Uppercarriage frontswing 6' 9" (2,050 mm)
Working envelope 180° / 360° 10' 2"/ 13' 5" (3,100 / 4,100 mm)
Ground clearance 14.1" (360 mm)
Bucket digging force (ISO 6015) 8.992 lbf (40,000 N)
Stick digging force (ISO 6015) 6,340 lbf (28,200 N)
Ground pressure (rubber crawlers) 4.2 psi (0.29 daN/cm2)
Ground pressure (steel crawlers) 4.5 psi (0.31 daN/cm2)
Manufacturer, model Mitsubishi, S4Q2-Y365KL
Type 4-cylinder diesel engine, EPA/Tier 4
Combustion 4-stroke, swirl chamber injection
Displacement 153 in3 (2,505 cm3)
Net power rating at 2,200 rpm (SAE J 1349) 43 hp (32.2 kW)
Specific fuel consumption 255 g/kWh
Max. torque 98.1 lbf ft (133 Nm) @ 2,000 rpm
Cooling system Water
Nominal voltage 12 V
Battery 12 V / 74 Ah
Generator 12 V / 50 A
Starter 12 V / (2.7 hp) 2.0 kW
Two-stage hydrostatic travel drive with axial piston variable displacement motor and reduction gear, fully enclosed. “Straight-Travel” function. Brake valve for downhill drive.  
2 speed ranges:  
Travel speed, forward and reverse 1.9 / 3.2 mph (0-3 / 5.2 kph)
Gradeability > 60 %
Drawbar pull 1st / 2nd speed range 9,446 / 5,561 lbf (4,202 / 2,474 daN)
Torsion-proof welded design. Crawler unit carriers in sloped design for dirt outlet. Maintenance-free crawler-type undercarriage. Idler suspension with hydraulic crawler track tensioning.  
Width rubber crawlers / steel crawlers 16" (400 mm)
Tread width 5' 2" (1,580 mm)
Total length (sprocket - idler) 6' 9" (2,060 mm)
Total length (undercarriage) 8' 5" (2,570 mm)
Independent of drive train, sensitive control via separate hand lever.  
Width x height 6' 6" x 1' 5" (1,990 x 441) mm
Dozer cut below ground 14.1" (360 mm)
Dozer lift above ground 17" (430 mm)
Slope angle 35°
Independent, individual control of crawlers, also counterwise via 2-circuit hydraulic system. Sensitive control via hand levers combined with foot pedals. Pedal console serving as foot rest.  
Hydrostatic drive, also acts as wear-restistant brake. Additional spring-loaded multi-disc brake. Internally toothed ring gear.  
Swing speed 0-9.5 rpm
Lateral parallel adjustment of boom arranLateral parallel adjustment of boom arrangement at full digging depth. gement at full digging depth.  
Angle of articulation / lateral adjustment left 60° / 28" (710 mm)
Angle of articulation / lateral adjustment right 60° / 33" (850 mm)
Fuel tank 25 gal (95 l)
Hydraulic system (incl. tank) 28.5 gal (108 l)
Pump capacity 2 x 16.5 + 11.4 + 2.2 gpm (2 x 62.4 + 43.2 + 8.4 l/min)
Working pressure 3,555 psi (245 bar)