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Model TC19

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Sturdy for high lifting capability

To enhance stability, the chassis and dozer blade can be extended from 990 mm to 1300 mm. This helps to ensure full mobility in buildings and offers a high lateral carrying capacity: 610 kg with 1.5 m arm opening (in relation to the centre of rotation).

Increased reach, increased options

The standard reach and digging depth can be adapted to other possible applications using a longer bucket arm, which is available as an option.

Maximum unloading height with cab:

  • Standard arm: 2438 mm
  • Extended arm: 2545 mm

Maximum digging depth:

  • Standard arm: 2300 m
  • Extended arm: 2450 mm

Cab or canopy – your choice

In addition to the comfortable cab, the Terex® TC19 can also be fitted with a canopy.

More as standard

  • Cab – TOPS/FOPS certification – with heating, ventilation and safety belt
  • Rubber tracks
  • Dozer blade
  • Dual speed
  • Dipperstick of 1150 mm
  • Dry air filter with pollution indicator
  • Tool kit for maintenance work
  • 12 volt power plug in
  • Working floodlights on the boom
  • Protective devices on the lifting cylinder and blade
  • Auxiliary hydraulic circuit for work attachments, single and double acting (for hydraulic breaker or swing bucket), inclusive open return line
  • Economical, low-exhaust engine, complies with emission requirements

Optional equipment – for enhanced performance and comfort

  • Dipperstick length of 1350 mm 
  • Steel tracks
  • Hose rupture safety valves
  • Working floodlights and rotating beacon on the cab
  • Quick-attach system for bucket and other attachments
  • Additional rear counterweight 80 kg


Operating voltage 12 V
Battery 12 V / 65 Ah
Generator 12 V / 35 A
Two-stage hydrostatic travel drive with axial piston variable displacement motor and reduction gear, fully
Travel speed, forward and reverse 0-2.2/4.2 kph
Gradeability max. 60%
Drawbar pull 1470 daN
Manufacturer, model Yanmar, 3TNV70-NPR
Type 3-cylinder diesel engine, EPA/Tier 4 Final (2008)
Combustion 4-stroke, swirl chamber injection
Displacement 854 cm3
Power rating acc. to ISO 9249 at 2260 rpm 11.2 kW (15 HP)
Cooling system Water
Independent of drive train, sensitive control via separate hand lever. Cylinder protection as standard.
Width x height 990 (1300) x 240 mm
Dozer cut below ground 290 mm
Dozer lift above ground 260 mm
Slope angle 30°
Independent, individual control of crawler chains, also counterwise. Sensitive control via hand levers
combined with foot pedals. Pedal console serving as foot rest.
Hydraulic system (incl. 20 l tank) 30 l
Cooling system 4 l
Engine oil 2.8 l
Pump capacity 17.6 + 17.6 +14.3 lpm
Working pressure 210 bar
Working hydraulics: Tandem-controlled dual piston variable displacement pump for all work movements
and travel drive. Simultaneous independent control of all movements.
Control circuit for work attachments (single or dual-action):
Pump capacity 36 lpm
Max. working pressure 210 bar
Full-vision steel cab, FOPS (acc. to ISO 3449) and TOPS (acc. to ISO 12117 / EN 13531) certifi ed.
Heating, ventilation and seat belt.
Radio preparation
Instrument panel on the right hand side of the operator's seat with visual & acoustic warning device,
hour-meter, instrument cluster with large fuel gauge.
Working fl oodlights mounted on the boom.
Noise emission ambience LWA 93 dB (A)
Noise emission cab LpA 79 dB (A)
Measured in dynamic measuring cycle acc. to EC Directive 2000/14/EC.
*with 1350 mm dipperstick (optional)
Transport weight (with canopy) 1750 kg
Transport weight (with cab) 1820 kg
Operating weight (with canopy) acc. to ISO 6016 1811 kg
Operating weight (with cab) acc. to ISO 6016 1926 kg
Total length (travel position) 2371 (2401*) mm
Total length (trailer transport position) 3300 mm
Total height (travel position) 2357 mm
Total width 990 - 1300 mm
Uppercarriage tailswing 650 mm
Uppercarriage frontswing 1640 (1670*) mm
Working envelope 180° / 360° 2340 / 3375 (2355 / 3410*) mm
Ground clearance 190 mm
Bucket digging force (ISO 6015) 15,200 N
Stick digging force (ISO 6015) 11,730 N
Ground pressure (rubber crawlers) 0.28 daN/cm2
Maintenance-free crawler-type undercarriage. Idler suspension with hydraulic crawler track tensioning.
Mechanically retractable/extendable undercarriage provided as standard.
Width (outside edge of crawler chains) 990 / 1300 mm
Width of rubber crawlers 230 mm
Total length (sprocket - idler) 1158 mm
Total length (undercarriage) 1562 mm
Hydrostatic drive, also acts as wear-resistant brake. Internally toothed ring gear.
Swing speed 0-12 rpm
Lateral parallel adjustment of boom arrangement at full dig depth.
Angle of articulation / lateral adjustment left 61° / 470 mm
Angle of articulation / lateral adjustment right 69° / 570 mm