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Model TX760B

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• Large 1.32 yd3 (1.0 m3 ) bucket decreases loader cycle times.
• Exceptionally narrow backhoe boom offers excellent visibility.
• Strong loader with excellent lift capacity and bucket breakout force help improve productivity.
• Exceptional ground clearance improves maneuverability around the job site, even in soft, difficult conditions.
• Tandem gear pumps and a closed center hydraulic system provide more controlled power to help get jobs done faster.
• Standard large, comfortable cab with a full suspension seat.

Manufacturer, model Perkins, Model 1104D-44T
Induction Turbo
Gross power rating @ 2,200 rpm (SAE J 1995) 94 hp (70.3 kW)
Net torque @ 1,400 rpm (SAE J 1349) 275 lbf (375 Nm)
Displacement 269 in3 (4.4 L)
Tier-3 1100 Series with reduced noise and lower exhaust emissions.
Electric fuel lift pump for increased reliability. Easy service Ecoplus fuel
filters. Service periods at 500 hours. Integrated closed circuit breather
further reduces emissions. Key stop/start. Two-stage dry air cleaner.
Electrical System
Alternator 100 A
Battery (single) 770 CCA, 115 amp/hr -12 V
Battery (double) 590 CCA - each, 72 amp/hr -12 V
Battery step-mounted for good access. Low maintenance battery.
Connectors sealed against water and dust. 33 circuit fuses. 25 circuit relays.
Transmission & Ground Speeds
Carraro transmission. Power shuttle gearbox with 4 speeds forward and
4 speeds reverse. Single-stage torque converter with 3.01:1 stall ratio.
Fast, smooth gear changes on the move. High transport speed reduces
highway travel times. High tractive effort in first and second gears for
high loader performance. Modulated forward and reverse clutch packs
enable smooth direction changes. 4WD standard and 2WD optional. Front
console switch allows effortless engagement of 4WD.
Tires: 2WD
11Lx16 12 ply front
19.5Lx24 10 ply rear
12.5/80x18 10 ply front
19.5Lx24 10 ply rear
Forward and Reverse
Gear 1 2 3 4
mph 3.30 5.31 11.66 23.29
km/h 5.31 8.54 18.77 37.49
Turning Circle (4 WD)
Over tires Over bucket
Without brakes 25’ 3” (7.7 m) 35’ 1” (10.7 m)
With brakes 22’ 3” (6.8 m) 32’ 10” (10.0 m)
Front Rear
Static load rating 53,400 lbf
(237,500 N)
42,150 lbf
(187,500 N)
Dynamic load rating 21,360 lbf
(95,000 N)
16,860 lbf
(75,000 N)
Outboard planetary final drives for easier servicing. Foot-actuated
differential lock for ease of operation. 16° front axle oscillation to
maintain maximum ground contact and traction.
Long life sealed wet disk brakes. Self-equalizing and self-adjusting.
Friction area per brake assembly measures 113 in2 (728 cm2).
Selectable 2-wheel or 4-wheel braking.
Hydraulic System
Main pump @ 2,200 rpm 21 gpm (80 Lpm)
Secondary pump @ 2,200 rpm 16.5 gpm (62 Lpm)
System main relief setting 3,250 psi (225 bar)
Unloader settings 3,000 psi (207 bar)
Closed center system incorporating load-sensing and flow-sharing.
Twin gear pumps for reliability. Power Boost to match digging power
and speed to application. Automatic or manually activated to give more
precise control as required. Single pedal operation of auxiliary circuit
and extending dipper (optional). Hydraulic oil cooler reduces operating
temperatures and tilts forward for easy cleaning. Hydraulic tank and filter
easily accessed from ground level. Commercial hydraulic pumps. Rexroth
hydraulic valves. Pacoma hydraulic cylinders.
Cab (optional)
Wide opening doors with steps and large grab rails. Large windows,
lowline curved hood and full depth rear window enhance visibility. Door
windows can be partially or fully opened for ventilation. Raised rear
window provides ventilation and protection from the rain. Backlit, touch
operated switches. Adjustable tilt steering wheel. Two front and rear
defrosting vents. Powerful 3-speed heater with two forward and three
rear vents. Adjustable rear working lights.
Noise emission ambient LWA 78 dB (A)
Air conditioning option available.
Four-post, open-ROPS as standard equipment.
Pilot control option available for backhoe controls.
Weight Configuration
Total machine weight 15,151 lbs (6,887 kg)
Loader Performance
1.32 yd3 Bucket 1.32 yd3 7-in-1 Bucket
Bucket breakout 10,485 lbf
(4,756 kgf)
10,097 lbf
(4,580 kgf)
Arms breakout 9,597 lbf
(4,685 kgf)
9,597 lbf
(4,345 kgf)
Lift capacity to full height 7,604 lbf
(3,449 kgf)
6,742 lbf
(3,058 kgf)
Fluid Capacities
Fuel 34.2 gal (130 L) R axle (4WD) 4.6 gal (17.5 L)
Coolant 4.2 gal (16 L) F. axle (4WD) 3.3 gal (12.5 L)
Engine oil w/ filter 2.2 gal (8.5 L) Hydraulic Sys. 37.6 gal (143 L)
Transmission 4.0 gal (15 L)