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Model TL310

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Absolutely cost-effective in all application areas through its modern, hydrostatic drive and unique, powerful Terex SP kinematics as loading technology. The transversely installed engine provides the best stability and lifting power, providing for high transfer performance. For low-fatigue work, the driver can change over from the usual steering mode to the versa-steer mode. The exclusive cooling system with reversing blower makes sure the wheel loader always stays cool. Ideal for earth moving, road construction, recycling, the wood processing industry or agriculture.

  • Excellent all-round visibility
  • Steel cab with perfectly designed operator's stand
  • Easy service accessibility for minimized downtime
  • Ergonomically designed controls for fatigue-free operation
  • Self-locking differentials provide optimum traction
  • Loader frame with TSP kinematics
  • Fuel efficient Cummins turbocharged diesel engine
  • Fully automatic VarioPower transmission for smooth acceleration up to 25 mph (40 kph)
Operating weight (ISO 6016) 38,800 lbs (17,600 kg)
Unladen weight 38,140 lbs (17,300 kg)
Tipping load, straight at full reach, direct mounting / QAS 29,100 / 27,998 lbs (13,200 / 12,700 kg)
Tipping load, articulated at full reach, direct mounting / QAS 25,350 / 24,250 lbs (11,500 / 11,000 kg)
Operating Load, fully articulated 12,300 lbs (5,580 kg)
Total length, bucket on ground 24' 11" (7,600 mm)
Total width 8' 10" (2,680 mm)
Turning radius at outside bucket edge 21' 3" (6,475 mm)
Turning radius at outside edge of tires 19' 4" (5,900 mm)
Turning radius at inside edge of tires 10' 1" (3,065 mm)
Wheelbase 10' 8" (3,250 mm)
Total height (top of cab) 11' 2" (3,400 mm)
Manufacturer, model Cummins, QSB 6.7
Type 6-cylinder turbocharged diesel engine, COM III/EPA III
Combustion 4-stroke cycle, Common Rail injection
Displacement 409 in3 (6,700 cm3)
Net power rating at 2,200 rpm (SAE J 1349) 200 hp (149 kW)
Cooling system Water
Nominal voltage 24 V
Battery 2 x 12 V / 110 Ah / 850 A
Hydrostatic drive, closed circuit, independent from loader hydraulics. Driving automatics, that is,
automatic optimization and adjustment of drawbar pull and speed. The travel drive in closed circuit
additionally acts as non-wearing service brake. Hydraulic motor power shift providing two speed
ranges. Infi nitely variable speed control forward and reverse. 4-wheel drive from reduction gear on rear
axle via cardan shaft to front axle. One inch-brake-drive pedal for sensitive driving and stopping at high
engine speed.
2 gears:
“Low” 0-3.7 mph (0-6 kph)
“High” 0-25 mph (0-40 kph)
Front: Rigid planetary fi nal drive axle. Limited slip-type differential 45%..
Rear: Oscillating (with cushioning) planetary fi nal drive axle, with integrated reduction gear. Limited
slip-type differential 45%.
Angle of oscillation ±12°
Standard 23.5 R25 VJT Bridgestone
Service brake: Hydraulically actuated two-circuit power brake system. Oilimmersed
multi-disc brakes in both axles, acting on all 4 wheels
via 4-wheel drive.
Auxiliary brake: Hydrostatic drive provides dynamic braking.
Parking brake: Spring-loaded brake acting on the discs of the rear axle.
Fully hydraulic, proportionally acting articulated steering. 2 steering cylinders with fi nal positioning
damping on both sides provide for powerful steering. The steering oil supply follows the load-sensing system;
this ensures that the working hydraulics oil volume is available to the steering system as
needed, so that fast steering movements are possible even at low engine speeds.
Total steering angle 80°
Fuel tank 63 gal (240 l)
Hydraulic system (incl. tank) 36 gal (135 l)
Max. pump capacity 58 gpm (220 l/min)
Max. working pressure 5,080 psi (350 bar)
Control unit: Three-circuit control block with load-sensing fl ow distribution (LUDV). Simultaneous,
independent control of all movements. Sensitive maneuvers irrespective of loads. Control circuits “Lift /
Lower”, “Dump / Tilt-back” pilot-operated. Additional control circuit electrically operated with preselection
of fl ow rate and impulse/continous operation. Ease of operation thanks to single, four-way control
lever (joystick) with integrated direction-of-travel switch and switch for additional control circuit.
Loader frame with TSP-linkage, attachments directly mounted.
General-purpose bucket (SAE J 742) 3.4 yd3 (2.60 m3)
Lift capacity at ground level (SAE J 732) 31,698 lbf (141,000 N)
Breakout force at bucket edge (SAE J 732) 26,955 lbf (119,900 N)
Loader frame with TSP-linkage, attachments directly mounted.
General-purpose bucket (SAE J 742) 3.4 yd3 (3.10 m3)
Operating load in general-purpose bucket 3.9 yd3 (3.0 m3), quick-attach system 11,905 lbs (5,400 kg)
Operating load in general-purpose bucket 4.0 yd3 (3.1 m3) direct mounting 12,300 lbs (5,580 kg)
Lift capacity at ground level (ISO 14397-2) 52,160 lbf (232,000 N)
Breakout force at bucket edge (ISO 14397-2), quick-attach system 28,980 lbf (128,900 N)
Breakout force at bucket edge (ISO 14397-2), direct mounting 34,530 lbf (153,600 N)
Operating load over the total lift and steering range 15,870 lbs (7,200 kg)
Width of fork carrier 6' 3" (1,900 mm)
Length pallet forks 5.9" x 3" (150 mm x 70 mm) 3' 8" (1,200 mm)
Stability factor 2
Load center from fork attachment point 24" (600 mm)
Removable roll-over secure driver's cab, ROPS tested according to ISO 3471, FOPS tested according
to ISO 3449, only with skylight guard. Panoramic, tinted safety glass, with skylight window. 2 doors,
180° aperture angle, foldable rear mirrors. 2 front and 2 rear working fl oodlights. Sliding window in
left door standard. Electrical windshield intermittent wipers with front and rear washing system. Cab
heating through coolant heat exchanger with 3-speed heater fan, windshield defroster front and rear,
2 adjustable outlet nozzles for front window, foot space and rear windows. Heating blower convertible
from circulating to fresh air mode. Fresh air fi lter with a dust fi ltration unit of 2.8 μm.
Ergonomically designed driver station with functional design, very good circumferential visibility and
optimally designed control elements. All operating functions are ergonomically arranged. Driver's seat
with hydraulic cushioning, progressively adjustable to operator's weight, lap belt, longitudinal and
height adjustment, in compliance with ISO 7096 and ISO 6683. Level and elastically mounted driver
cab fl oor makes entry and exit as well as cab cleaning easier.
Klimatronik as standard. Radio pre-installation.
Height and tilt-adjustable steering wheel.
Holders and deposit for on-board tools, fi rst-aid kit and operating manuals.
Sound level values in compliance with EC-directives.