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Model TLB990

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High performance 74.5kW (100hp) charge air cooled engine for smooth and economical operation


New cast hard nose counterweight for weight distribution and component protection


New ROPS/FOPS cab provides increased space and operator comfort

Rear side windows

Opening rear quarter windows for improved ventilation and right-angle trenching visibility

Engine hood

Fully tilting hood for easy servicing


New curved boom for closer loading into trucks and greater obstacle clearance


New externally adjustable dipperstick wear pads for easy servicing and replacement

Slew system

New slew system provides high torque for easier backfilling and slewing uphill


4 wheel steering system providing exceptional manoeuvrability


New externally adjustable stabiliser wear pads for easy servicing and replacement


1.2cbm bucket

Eng ine (Stage IIIB/Tier 4i)
Perkins 1204E–E44TA
– Wastage turbocharger
– Charge air cooling
– Torque rise 39%
– Electronic fuel injection
Cylinders 4
Capacity 4.4 L (269 in3)
Rated speed 2200 rpm
Gross power @ 2200 rpm cert. rating to UN/ECE R120 74.5 kW (100 hp*)
Derived net rating @ 2200 rpm to ISO/80/1269/EC 69.9 kW* (93.7 hp*)
Max Torque @ 1400 rpm
UN/ECE R120 450 Nm* (332 Ibf.ft*)
ISO 80/1269/EC 423 Nm* (312 Ibf.ft*)
* Nominal Non-certified Values
Wiring and connectors meet IP69 standard
Maintenance free battery
12 volt negative ground
Battery Isolator
Jump start posts
120 amp alternator
Blade type fuses
110 A/hr single battery with 920 CCA - EN Standard
170 A/hr dual batteries with 1600 CCA - EN Standard
capacities Ltrs (gals)
Fuel tank 140 (30.8)
Engine coolant 16.0 (3.5)
Engine oil (including filter) 8.5 (1.9)
Servo Power Synchro Transmission 15.0 (3.3)
Rear axle (including final drives) 14.5 (3.19)
Front axle (including final drives) 7.5 (1.65)
Rear reduction axle (each) 1.5 (0.33)
Front reduction axle (each) 1.0 (0.22)
Hydraulic tank 92.0 (20.4)
axles and brakes
Outboard planetary final drives for easier servicing
Foot operated differential lock with 100% lockup
16° front axle oscillation to maintain maximum ground contact and traction
Self equalizing and self adjusting
Internal wet disc parking brake
Selectable 2 or 4 wheel braking
Axle Ratings Max Static Loading Max Dynamic Loading
Front kN (lb)
Rear kN (lb)
225 (50582)
275 (61822)
90 (20233)
105 (23605)
operating weightS
Base Machine Weight (8428 Kg)
7 in 1 multi-purpose (1.2m3)
7 in 1 multi-purpose fork kit
Deep Dig Dipper
ROPS Frame
+ 337 kg (743 lbs)
+ 150 kg (330 lbs)
+ 235 kg (584 lbs)
- 150 kg (330 lbs)
Base operating weight includes cab, standard loader bucket, standard dipper stick, 600 mm bucket,
full fuel tank and 75 kg operator.
– 4 speed Servo Power Synchro
– Automatic and manual shifting in all 4 gears
– Push button kickdown and kick up in 1st and 2nd gear
– Auto drop down from 4th to 3rd and back
– Single stage torque convertor with 3.01:1 stall ratio
Tyres Front:
16.9 x 24
16.9 x 24
Travel Speeds
Km/h (mph)
Km/h (mph)
Km/h (mph)
Km/h (mph)
Km/h (mph)
Km/h (mph)
Km/h (mph)
6.2 (3.8)
10.0 (6.2)
21.7 (13.5)
39.5 (27.1)
6.2 (3.8)
10.0 (6.2)
21.7 (13.5)
turning circles
Over Tyres Over Bucket
2 wheel steer
4 wheel steer
With brake
11.4 m
7.3 m
6.7 m
13.1 m
9.3 m
8.8 m
Michelin 440/80 R24 TL 161A8/161B IND XMCL
Michelin 440/80–24 TL 168A8 Power CL
Goodyear 440/80 R24 IND R4 IT530 Radial
Nokian 440/80 R24
Continental 445/70 R24 MPT70
Mitas 16.9 x 24 12P TI-04 IND
hydraulic system
– Tandem Gear Pumps with unloader valve on mechanical excavator control
– Variable piston pump on servo excavator control
– Closed centre control valves
– Automatic or manually activated pump flows
– Power Boost to match digging power and speed to application
– External oil level gauge
– Removable oil cooler
– 125 micron suction strainer
– 10 micron return line filter
Main pump flow @ 2200 rpm L/min(gpm) 80 (17.7)
Secondary pump flow @ 2200 rpm L/min(gpm) 80 (17.7)
Single variable piston pump @ 2200 rpm L/min(gpm) 152 (33.4)
System main relief setting bar (psi) 250 (3625)
Unloader settings bar (psi) (Gear pump only) 207 (3000)