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Model Ecolo-Til® 2500 In-Line Ripper

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No Till Configuration

Soil conditions impact your yields and bottom line more than any other controllable variable. Case IH no-till in-line rippers offer the best of both primary tillage and no-till , improving soil conditions in the planting zone while leaving surface residue virtually undisturbed. Following the Case IH soil management system helps maximize yields — and profits — by controlling four major no-till variables: crop residue, soil tilth, plant food availability and seedbed preparation.

Ecolo-Til 2500

  • Ecolo-Til® 2500 is ideal for primary tillage in no-till/minimum-till systems
    • Can be customized to handle residue according to your farming practices

    • Leave very little residue or leave the soil and residue virtually undisturbed

  • Patented Tiger® point technology
    • Creates a “lift, twist and roll” action
    • Shatters compaction
    • Reorients soil particles
  • Can be equipped with optional fertilizer attachments
    • Perform tillage and root-zone banding in one pass
  • Customizable shanks
    • Mulch-till
      • Parabolic shanks
    • Ridge-till
      • Minimum Residue Disturbance (MRD) shanks
    • No-till
      • No-till shanks and 8-in. (203-mm) no-till points
      • Optional berm tuck’r row sealers
      • Excellent for Highly Erodable Land (HEL)

2500 Rip-Strip

  • Patented Tiger® point technology
    • Shatters compaction layer
    • Creates a healthier soil profile than competitive models
    • Aerates soil
    • Expands root capacity
    • Promotes better nutrient absorption
    • Helps roots absorb more during critical stages of plant growth
  • Single-pass soil treatment
    • Parts residue
    • Reduces clod size
    • Prepares seed furrow
  • Two shank options
    • No-till
    • Minimum Residue Disturbance (MRD)
  • Four mainframe configurations available
  • Optional hydraulically controlled row markers

2500 Rip-Bed

  • Single-pass coverage handles residue and seedbed preparation in one step
  • Ideal preparation for tap-root crops , such as cotton
  • Cuts through and incorporates residue and roots while shattering compaction and improving soil tilth
  • Coulters run in line , ahead of the shank
  • Sizes and positions residue around the shank
  • Prevents shank wrap and bed blowout
  • Deep tillage shanks and points prevent regrowth
    • Dislocate cotton tap and lateral roots and root crowns
  • Double disks or Lister points bury sized residue
  • Aid in residue decomposition and insect control
  • Two shank options
    • No-till
    • Minimum Residue Disturbance (MRD)
  • Optional hydraulically controlled row markers

Crop Residue Managment

Case IH in-line rippers promote early germination and plant emergence  — critical factors in achieving maximum yields.

Enhanced Soil Conditions

Case IH in-line rippers help remove variation in no-till soil conditions.

  • Correctly size and incorporate residue into the soil
    • Protect soil from erosion
    • Prevent surface crusting
  • Promote a healthy exchange of soil and water
    • Enhance soil warming
    • Allow plants to germinate and emerge earlier

Erosion and Moisture Control

Limit topsoil losses and manage moisture more efficiently by using Case IH in-line rippers.

  • Retain water during dry periods
  • Water evaporates more readily in saturated soil conditions
  • Reduce erosion, runoff and compaction from heavy rainfall
  • Increase remaining residue in no-till and strip-till operations for maximum erosion control

Plant food Availability

Case IH in-line rippers with root zone banding place nutrients in the root zone where those nutrients are available for roots when plants need them most.

  • Create a more ideal balance of soil, air and water
  • Roots grow deeper
  • Roots contact more soil for better nutrient uptake

Reduce Runoff

Nutrient runoff during periods of heavy rain is reduced by Case IH in-line rippers.

  • Roots absorb more nutrients due to proper management of residue and soil tilth
  • Nutrients are banded in the root zone
  • Runoff and water contamination are reduced
  • Efficiency of nutrient placement is improved

Root Zone Banding

By placing fertilizer in the root zone, roots are allowed to take up more food for a longer period of time.

  • Nutrient tie-up with surface residue is eliminated
  • Nutrients are available for a longer period of time , even in dry weather
  • Produces proven, higher yields than surface broadcasting
  • Return on fertilizer and seed investment is maximized

Soil Tilth

Count on Case IH in-line rippers to promote healthy soil tilth  — soil better able to absorb and hold water for plant growth.

Key to Higher Yields

Soil tilth determines the level of root and plant growth the soil will support. Using Case IH in-line rippers: 

  • Allows air and water key to plant growth to deeply infiltrate the root zone
  • Helps soil store water during dry periods and drain during wet periods

In low-moisture conditions, healthy soil can mean the difference between healthy plants and drought stress.

Managing Soil Compaction

Breaking up soil compaction helps promote root growth and high yields. Use Case IH in-line rippers to address compaction caused by:

  • High traffic loads caused by heavy machinery
  • Repeated tillage with the same implement at the same depth
  • Influences of rainfall

Seedbed Conditioning

Use Case IH in-line rippers to effectively manage post-harvest residue through sizing, placement and incorporation. You will create an environment that will:

  • Encourage proper seed placement
  • Help protect soil surface and water quality
  • Conserve resources

Ecolo-Til 2500

Level seedbeds promote:

  • Uniform emergence
  • A better growing environment
  • Higher yield potential

The Ecolo-Til® 2500 can be equipped with an optional disk level’r™:

  • Evenly distributes soil and residue across the soil surface
  • Allows the soil surface to settle prior to secondary tillage and/or planting

2500 Rip-Bed

The Case IH 2500 Rip-Bed builds uniform beds for seed-depth control and superior seed-to-soil contact in common types of soils.

  • Promotes faster seed germination
  • Creates more uniform plant stands

2500 Rip-Strip

Seedbeds can dry down and warm up faster by creating a berm with the Case IH 2500 Rip-Strip, usually 2–3 in. (50.8–76.2 mm) above the unworked soil surface at planting.

  • Allows for quicker, more uniform plant stands
  • Promotes more effective absorption of sunlight, water and nutrients
  • Seedbeds have better berm height and smaller holes than those created by competitive machines
Parabolic, MRD & no-till 30, 36, 38, 40 (76.2, 91.4, 96.5, 102) Spring reset & shear bolt