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Model True-Tandem 370

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True-Tandem Technology


Gang positions perfectly match each other on both sides of the tongue.

  • Pull forces are uniformly distributed
  • Stability is enhanced
  • Straighter, easier pulling
  • Fewer field adjustments

Blades in the rear back track directly between the cuts of the front gangs.

  • Differs from many competitive, “double-offset” designs
  • Provides true, full-width cuts
  • Leaves no uncut gaps

The 370 model in 42-foot-4-inch and 46-foot-7-inch sizes features a true five-section design.

  • Follows ground contours better and transports narrower than competitor designs
  • Heavier-duty walking tandems throughout; 16.5x16.1 FI (E) on center-section mainframe

True-Tandem™ Advantage

True-Tandem design provides a distinct advantage over traditional double-offset disk harrow.

  • The Case IH even-out, even-in design creates straight pulling and level output — especially on rolling ground


  • Residue sized properly
  • Soil mixed thoroughly
  • Chemicals incorporated more effectively

Earth Metal Blades

All Case IH True-Tandem™ disk harrows are equipped with Earth Metal® blades. Uniquely formed and heat treated, Earth Metal blades offer exceptional endurance and break resistance for longer equipment life. The notched blades aggressively cut residue and vegetation, with excellent cut uniformity.


Compared to conventional blades under identical conditions, Earth Metal blades:

  • Are 30% stronger
  • Last up to 20% longer
  • Resist stress fractures
  • Feature shallow-concavity design
    • Easier to pull than conical or spherical blades
    • Promote better fuel economy



Case IH Earth Metal blades actually resharpen as they wear.

  • Provides superior cutting performance over an extended blade life
  • Helps prevent down time and maintenance labor
  • Lowers blade replacement cost

The performance of Earth Metal blades actually improves as they are used, while conventional blades lose their sharpness with wear.

Crimped Center Blades

Case IH True-Tandem 340 and 370 feature flat spools:

  • Crimped-center blades with matching flat faces are mounted more securely and are less susceptible to damage
    • Competitive blades are curved at the center, creating spacing issues and movement, which reduces blade strength and makes them prone to wear and tear
  • The case-nodular-style spool from Case IH has greater density for more clearance and better residue flow
    • Competitive welded tubes and spools create a weaker gang, and tube-style gangs have less clearance, which creates reduced residue flow


Harrow Options

3-Bar Coil Tine Harrow

The Case IH 3-bar coil tine features:

  • Excellent leveling and residue flow
  • Adjustable tine angle and down-pressure

3-Bar Spike Harrow

The Case IH 3-bar spike, mounted harrow is ideal for:

  • Optimum clod sizing
  • Producing a better finish in clay soil
Make Case IH
Model True-Tandem 370
Disk harrow type, Tandem or Offset Tandem
Folding (Multi-Section) or Non-Folding (Single Frame) Folding
Dimensions and Weights  
Working width, minimum,ft-in (m) 19' 6" (5.94)
Working width, maximum, ft-in (m) 46' 7" (14.20)
Transport width, minimum, ft-in (m) 12' 9" (3.89)
Transport width, maximum, ft-in (m) 18' 6" (5.64)
Transport height, minimum, ft-in (m) 10' 7" (3.23)
Transport height, maximum, ft-in (m) 15' 4" (4.67)
Total weight, minimum, lb (kg) 13,306 (6036)
Total weight, maximum, lb (kg) 29,650 (13449)
Sizes available, number of widths 9
Disk Blades  
Disk blade spacing, in (mm) 9 (229)
Disk blade diameter, in (mm) 24 (610)
Disk blade thickness, in (mm) 0.197 or 0.256 (5.0 or 6.5)
Blade edge profile Solid
Optional blade edge profile No optional profile
Blade concavity Shallow Front,  Standard Rear
Disk Gang Mounting and Angles  
Gang mounting to frame Rigid or C-Spring Cushion
Frame left to right flexibility, rigid or flexible Flexible
Front gang angle, degrees 18
Rear gang angle, degrees 18
Disk Gang Components  
Disk bearings Regreasable, triple lip sealed 
Gang arbor bolts, in (mm) 1.5 (38) square
Disk spool description, in (mm) 6.0 (152) Nodular iron
Disk blade scraper, type Rigid arm
Wheels and Tires  
Transport wheel mounting Walking Tandem
Transport tires 12.5L x 15 10 ply
Optional transport tires 16.5 x 16.1FI for 42' and 47' widths
Wing wheel mounting Dual or Tandem
Wing tires 11L x 15 8PR, or 12.5L x 15
Hookup to tractor, mounted or pull-type Pull-type
Depth and Level Adjustment  
Typical operating depth, in (mm) 3 - 6 (76 - 152)
Depth control Single point hydraulic, crank adjust
Fore/aft leveling Turnbuckle std / Hydraulic opt
Tractor Power Requirements  
Required power, hp/ft (kw/m) 10 to 13 (24 to 32)
Optional Attachments  
Rolling basket, reel or chopper No option
Coil tine harrow 3 bar
Spike tooth harrow 3 bar
Rear hitch Optional
Sales Literature  
Literature Number CIH4220802
Literature Date 04/22/2008
Operators or Product Manual  
Manual Number 87709484
Manual Date 05/01/2008
Manufacturing status Current
First Entry Date 10/01/2008
Revision Date July, 2011; April, 2012
na = Not Applicable, np = Not Published