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Model True-Tandem 345

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Agronomic Design

The unique symmetrical design of the True-Tandem 345 offers easy pulling and high performance seedbed preparation, even in the roughest of fields. Stubble-resistant tires add to the disk harrow’s rugged profile. These optional stubble-resistant tires are larger—340/55-16 on smaller models and 380/60- R16.5 on larger machines—for enhanced flotation and reduced soil compaction.

Prep your soil for next season's crop

The 345 slices through tough residue, partially mixes with soil and anchors it to the soil. These actions speed the decomposition process of residue which contains valuable nutrients for the next season’s crop.

Larger tires = less compaction

Larger tire option means a larger footprint and less root-inhibiting compaction in the field due to wheel tracks.

Perfect blade size

Blades are 22 in. diameter, right-sized to handle residue and create the perfect seedbed.

Reduce the number of clods

Optional double-formed bar reel with active hydraulics rolling basket breaks up clods and conditions the field. Reduction in the number of clods leads to a much better seedbed. Active hydraulics mean constant downpressure, adjustable from the front of the machine. The reel also may be positioned in float mode, or raised entirely in wet corners of the field.

Even Distribution

The optional coil-tine harrow feathers and evenly distributes residue.

Creates a smooth Seedbed

Front and rear sets of blades are indexed exactly to create a smooth seedbed. Factory-set 18 degree blade angle is perfect for a superior finish. The angle matches with the blade concavity to leave a level seedbed and virtually no horizontal compaction layer (unlike competitive units) since the blade does not ride on the back side.


Fall & Spring Use

The 345 Seedbed disk may be operated in the Fall for residue sizing and mixing; and in the Spring for creating the perfect seedbed.

Low Maintenance

Reduced maintenance requirements, due to the addition of more greaseless bearings, keep you in the field longer.

Narrow Transport

Improved more narrow transport dimensions means less time traveling from field to field.

First In The Field

The optional stubble-resistant tires are 340/55-16 on working widths up to 28 ft.; and large 380/60-R16.5 for working widths of 31 ft. and 34 ft. The larger footprint and stubble-resistant features allow you to be first in the field.

Adjustments from the Cab

Single-point depth control allows easy adjustments from the cab.

Instant leveling capabilities

Hydraulic front-to-back leveling (optional) allows quick operator reaction to changes in field conditions.


The 345 is the latest in a long line of excellent Disk Harrow performance you have come to expect from the leader in Disk Harrows: Case IH

LED Lights

LED lights are brighter and last longer than incandescent lamps. The Class 3 powder coat paint finish retains color longer and is more resistant to scrapes and scratches.

Stand Up to Tough Use

The pull-through frame design with heavy duty tubing stands up to tough use.

Stubble-resistant tires

Stubble-resistant tire option means less chance of tire damage in tough field conditions.


All welded cylinders add reliability to the hydraulic operations.

Earth Metal Blades

Earth metal blades provide increased durability. Earth metal differs from conventional blades in that it does uses new steel and other alloys resulting in a much tighter tolerance for the resulting alloy. Earth Metal is also an improved process which includes quenching the blade while still in the die. This results in a blade that holds its shape better and is much more ductile and resistant to breaking or bending.

Rear Reel Basket

The optional rear reel basket has formed bars for additional strength.

Make Case IH
Model True-Tandem 345
Disk harrow type, Tandem or Offset Tandem
Folding (Multi-Section) or Non-Folding (Single Frame) Folding
Dimensions and Weights  
Working width, minimum,ft-in (m) 22' 2" (6.76)
Working width, maximum, ft-in (m) 33' 7" (10.24)
Transport width, minimum, ft-in (m) 15' 2" (4.62)
Transport width, maximum, ft-in (m) 18' 0" (5.49)
Transport height, minimum, ft-in (m) 10' 0" (3.05)
Transport height, maximum, ft-in (m) 14' 4" (4.37)
Total weight, minimum, lb (kg) np
Total weight, maximum, lb (kg) 15,045 (6824)
Sizes available, number of widths 5
Disk Blades  
Disk blade spacing, in (mm) 7.5 or 9 (191 or 229)
Disk blade diameter, in (mm) 22 (559)
Disk blade thickness, in (mm) 0.177 or 0.197 (4.5 or 5.0)
Blade edge profile Solid
Optional blade edge profile Notched
Blade concavity Standard concavity
Disk Gang Mounting and Angles  
Gang mounting to frame Rigid or C-Spring Cushion
Frame left to right flexibility, rigid or flexible Flexible
Front gang angle, degrees 18
Rear gang angle, degrees 18
Disk Gang Components  
Disk bearings Regreasable, triple lip sealed 
Gang arbor bolts, in (mm) 1.5 (38) round
Disk spool description, in (mm) 4.5 (114) Nodular iron
Disk blade scraper, type Spring steel rigid
Wheels and Tires  
Transport wheel mounting Dual or walking tandem
Transport tires 12.5L x 15Fl
Optional transport tires 340/55 R16 or 380/60 R16.5
Wing wheel mounting Walking tandem
Wing tires 11L x 15 8PR
Hookup to tractor, mounted or pull-type Pull-type
Depth and Level Adjustment  
Typical operating depth, in (mm) 2 - 4 (51 - 102)
Depth control Single point hydraulic, crank adjust
Fore/aft leveling Turnbuckle std / Hydraulic opt
Tractor Power Requirements  
Required power, hp/ft (kw/m) 7 to 10 (17 to 24.5)
Optional Attachments  
Rolling basket, reel or chopper Reel basket, hyd. down pressure
Coil tine harrow 3 bar
Spike tooth harrow No option
Rear hitch Optional
Sales Literature  
Literature Number CIH01051401
Literature Date 01/01/2014
Operators or Product Manual  
Manual Number --
Manual Date --
Manufacturing status Current
First Entry Date 07/01/2014
Revision Date --