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Model Heavy-Offset 790 Disk Harrow Plowing disk

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Whether you’re deep-tilling crop residue, leveling irrigated fields or incorporating chemicals, Case IH Heavy-Offset 790 disk harrows are ready to tackle tough soil conditions with an array of flexible options.

Simple Set Up and Adjustment

  • Easy-to-adjust leveling turnbuckle
    • Optional hydraulic leveling
  • One-step lateral pin adjustment for tongue placement
    • Maintains draft compliance
  • Positive mechanical depth control with stop collars
    • Optional single-point hydraulic control
  • Transport lock U-channels and rear chain attaching points

Options For Varied Conditions

All Heavy-Offset 790 disk harrows come with the following options:

  • Furrow fillers
    • Smooth soil surface
    • Allow for uniform chemical incorporation
  • 31x31.5 15 terra rib tires
    • Provide additional flotation
  • Rear hitch
    • Attaches Crumbler® 160 or other soil conditioner



Innovative Design

Case IH Heavy-Offset 790 disk harrows feature state-of-the-art engineering and construction. The machines offer unmatched ruggedness, dependability and consistent performance over years of use

Rugged Construction

All Heavy-Offset 790 disk harrow models are built with:

  • A mainframe of welded steel tubing
  • Square, steel, arbor bolts

Nodular Iron Spools

Unlike steel-fabricated spools on other brands, Case IH cast nodular iron spools:

  • Resist compression up to 20 tons without loosening blades
  • Add greater blade support with bell-shaped design
  • Provide better residue flow with hourglass middle

High-Capacity Bearings

  • Flangent and Cushion Gang® bearings feature:
    • Finely ground inner rings
    • Heavy steel sleeves
      • Distribute shock loads along the arbor bolt
  • All bearings are:
    • Regreasable for extended life
    • Triple sealed to repel debris and moisture


Easy Gang Adjustments

  • Gang angle
    • Adjustable from 34–46 degrees
    • Adjusts without tools 
  • Rear gangs
    • Adjust laterally to changing field conditions
    • Line up with front gang furrows as desired
  • Easy-turning crank 
    • Fine-tunes front-to-rear leveling

Self-Leveling Hitch

  • Self-leveling hitch
    • Exclusive to the Heavy-Offset 790 disk harrows
    • Keeps gangs working at uniform depth from front to rear
    • Transfers weight between tractor and disk
    • Allows even soil penetration on hills 
  • Spring-cushioned hitch
    • Helps ease blades over obstructions 
  • Convenient dial
    • Centers disk behind tractor
    • Minimizes draft
    • Adjusts by simply pulling pin and repositioning hitch


Mechanical Depth Control

  • Mechanical depth control
    • Provides accurate, repeatable depth 
  • Pin-type adjustment
    • Makes depth control convenient, quick and reliable
    • Eliminates risk of hydraulic leakage affecting disk depths
    • Repeatable accuracy


Earth Metal Blades

All Case IH Heavy-Offset 790 disk harrows are equipped with Earth Metal® blades. Uniquely formed and heat treated, Earth Metal blades offer exceptional endurance and break resistance for longer equipment life. The notched blades aggressively cut residue and vegetation with excellent cut uniformity.

Long-Life Durability

Compared to conventional blades under identical conditions, Earth Metal blades:

  • Are 30% stronger
  • Last up to 20% longer
  • Resist stress fractures
  • Feature shallow-concavity design
    • Easier to pull than conical or spherical blades
    • Promote better fuel economy



Earth Metal blades actually resharpen as they wear.

  • Provides superior cutting performance over an extended blade life
  • Helps prevent down time and maintenance labor
  • Lowers blade replacement cost

The performance of Earth Metal blades actually improves as they are used, while conventional blades lose their sharpness with wear.

Make Case IH Case IH
Model Heavy-Offset 790 Plowing, Folding Heavy-Offset 790 Plowing, Rigid
Disk harrow type, Tandem or Offset Offset Offset
Folding (Multi-Section) or Non-Folding (Single Frame) Folding Non-Folding
Dimensions and Weights    
Working width, minimum,ft-in (m) 21' 6" (6.55) 11' 1" (3.38)
Working width, maximum, ft-in (m) 21' 6" (6.55) 19' 8" (6.0)
Transport width, minimum, ft-in (m) 15' 9" (4.80) 11' 10" (3.61)
Transport width, maximum, ft-in (m) 15' 9" (4.80) 20' 10" (6.35)
Transport height, minimum, ft-in (m) np np
Transport height, maximum, ft-in (m) np np
Overall length, minimum, ft-in (m) np np
Overall length, maximum, ft-in (m) np np
Total weight, minimum, lb (kg) 16,200 (7348) 10,200 (4627)
Total weight, maximum, lb (kg) 16,200 (7348) 14,100 (6396)
Sizes available, number of widths 1 4
Disk Blades    
Disk blade spacing, front, in (mm) 12 (305) 12 (305)
Disk blade spacing, rear, in (mm) 12 (305) 12 (305)
Disk blade diameter, front, in (mm) 32 (813) 32 (813)
Disk blade diameter, rear, in (mm) 32 (813) 32 (813)
Disk blade thickness, front, in (mm) 0.315 (8) 0.315 (8)
Disk blade thickness, rear, in (mm) 0.315 (8) 0.315 (8)
Blade edge profile Notched Notched
Optional blade edge profile Smooth Smooth
Blade concavity np np
Disk Gang Mounting and Angles    
Gang mounting to frame Fixed Fixed
Frame left to right flexibility, rigid or flexible Rigid Rigid
Front gang angle, degrees 34 to 46 included angle 34 to 46 included angle
Rear gang angle, degrees 34 to 46 included angle 34 to 46 included angle
Disk Gang Components    
Disk bearings Bolt-on trunnion bearings Bolt-on trunnion bearings
Gang arbor bolts, in (mm) 1.75 (44) square carbon steel 1.75 (44) square carbon steel
Disk spool diameter, in (mm) 8 (203) 8 (203)
Disk blade scraper, type Spring type, adjustable Spring type, adjustable
Wheels and Tires    
Transport wheel mounting Two sets of side-by-side tires with axles on rockshaft wheel arms Two sets of side-by-side tires with axles on rockshaft wheel arms
Transport tires 12.5 x 15FI 12.5 x 15FI
Optional transport tires 31-13.5 x 15 terra rib 31-13.5 x 15 terra rib
Wing wheel mounting np np
Wing tires np np
Hookup to tractor, mounted or pull-type Pull - Type Pull - Type
Pull-type hitch fore and aft leveling Turnbuckle with locking pin Turnbuckle with locking pin
Depth and Level Adjustment    
Typical operating depth, in (mm) 12.8 (325) 12.8 (325)
Depth control Mechanical std / Hydraulic opt Mechanical std / Hydraulic opt
Fore/aft leveling Turnbuckle with locking pin Turnbuckle with locking pin
Tractor Power Requirements    
Required power, hp/ft (kw/m) 18 to 22 (44 to 54) 18 to 22 (44 to 54)
Sales Literature    
Literature Number Website 012009 Website 012009
Literature Date 01/20/2009 01/20/2009
Operators or Product Manual    
Manual Number SP-3041-08 SP-3041-08
Manual Date 08/01/2008 08/01/2008
Manufacturing status Current Current
First Entry Date 2007 2007
Revision Date 07/01/2011 07/01/2011
na = Not Applicable, np = Not Published