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Row Unit


Case IH engineering worked tirelessly through the Customer Driven Product Definition (CDPD) process to bring an all new row unit to the marketplace. The new row unit cuts residue, opens a high quality, uniform seed trench, delivers the seed perfectly, and closes the trench better than any row unit in the market place. And even with all those features, it requires less maintenance and utilizes less power to pull than prior designs and competitive units. This makes the producer more efficient, improves yield potential and makes them more productive.



  • Consists of an upper and lower arm that extends rearward and attaches to the sturdy cast row unit frame.
  • The cast lower link carries the weight of the 165 pound row unit
  • The upper link allows the row unit to lift and lower level
    • Ensures even seed depth placement in any soil condition
  • Provides the potential for faster ground speed and more acres seeded per day
    • Allows 8.5 in. of upward travel and 11.5 in. of downward travel for maximum ground following capability
  • The parallel link bushings feature oil impregnated copper iron alloy bushings
    • Don’t require grease, reducing maintenance and increasing uptime


  • Each of the ranks across the drill utilizes a cylinder to lift and lower the rank
    • Rank down pressure is also sustained by this cylinder
  • The number of row units on each rank are matched to cylinder size to minimize the differential pressure between ranks
  • The down pressure across the full width can be adjusted via
    • Mechanical knob adjustment on the down pressure manifold
      • Features a mechanical gauge positioned on the toolbar to allow the operator to easily view the current down pressure
    • In-cab adjustment on the AFS Pro 700 (or ISOBUS)
      • Features an electronic display
  • Available down pressure range is between
    • 200-1300 psi (30 ft.)
    • 200-1450 psi (40 ft.)


  • Additional weights can be added to the tool bar if needed for hard ground conditions and deep seeding depths
    • Could be needed in soil conditions that are no-till and/or clay based soils
  • Tilled ground typically doesn’t require any additional weights
  • Optional weight brackets are available for easily adding additional weights to both wings and center section
    • No more than 1400 lbs should be added to the center section
    • No more than 600 lbs on each wing
  • 100 lb (45 kg) suitcase weights are available from the CNH parts organization (part #: 86988727)


  • Responsible for carrying and providing the down pressure for the two unit ranks
  • The majority of the sub-frame and rockshaft is welded together for additional strength
  • Makes the frame more robust and provides superior durability over bolted joints


  • Made from boron earth metal steel and measures 18 inches in diameter and is 0.197 in.
    • When the coulter’s outer diameter reaches 16 in. it should be replaced
  • The coulter is positioned at a 7 degree angle to open a high quality seed trench
  • The opener hub utilizes a heavy duty, double row, triple lip sealed bearing
    • No bearing maintenance is required
  • The single bevel opener is ideal for cutting residue because the angle of entrance is close to 45 degrees, even at shallow depths
    • Allows the opener to slice and cut through residue to reduce hair pinning that can reduce soil-to-seed contact, germination and ultimately overall yield


  • Critical to keeping the opener disk clean is the scraper with tungsten carbide wear components
  • Extends further down the opener to protect the seed as it is dropped into the seed trench
    • Provides proper seed placement for high yield potential
  • The spring loaded scraper fits behind the profile of the angled opener which prevents it from dragging in the soil and seed trench
    • Provides lower overall draft of the entire disk drill and lower down pressure requirements


  • Help guide the seed towards the seed trench after metering
  • Features a unique tube with a forward facing design
  • Directs the seed toward the scraper which stops the seed and allows the seed to fall vertically in the seed trench and reduces seed tumble once it reaches the trench
  • To overcome the seed tumbling or prevent the seed from exiting the seed trench prior to closing, often a seed-loc wheel is used on competitive openers
    • In some soil conditions the seed-loc wheel can actually pull seed out of the trench
  • The Precision Disk Drill row unit doesn’t require a seed-loc wheel due to the design of the scraper, seed tube and closing wheel
  • A deflector is located behind the scraper and seed tube to help contain any seed that might attempt to bounce out of the seed trench


  • A single, spring loaded T-handle allows simple adjustment of row unit depth at each opener
    • No tools are required for adjustment
  • As the T-handle is adjusted fore and aft, the gauge wheel rotates up or down to adjust seeding depth for an individual row unit
    • The row unit and the T-handle are made of cast iron
  • True 0-3.5 in. depths are available in 14 different increments
    • Every other notch is identified on the case frame to help the operator apply the same depth across the tool and easily return to that preferred depth
  • The only greaseable point on the row unit is found on the gauge wheel adjustment spindle
    • Requires greasing every 50 hrs. or once per season
  • The tolerance between the handle tab and the notched row unit frame is tight to help retain the handle in place and provide worry free depth control


  • A single, spring loaded T-handle allows simple adjustment of row unit depth at each opener
    • No tools are required for adjustment
  • As the T-handle is adjusted fore and aft, the gauge wheel rotates up or down to adjust seeding depth for an individual row unit
    • The row unit and the T-handle are made of cast iron
  • True 0-3.5 in. depths are available in 14 different increments
    • Every other notch is identified on the case frame to help the operator apply the same depth across the tool and easily return to that preferred depth
  • The only greaseable point on the row unit is found on the gauge wheel adjustment spindle
    • Requires greasing every 50 hrs. or once per season
  • The tolerance between the handle tab and the notched row unit frame is tight to help retain the handle in place and provide worry free depth control


  • The four-inch wide, double-edged closing wheel is designed specifically for closing in any condition
    • Sand, loam or clay
    • Even in soft ground, the closing wheel is able to float and close the seed trench
  • This extremely durable wheel is tilted slightly to one direction
    • One raised edge of the wheel breaks the side wall
    • The opposing edge captures the soil, preventing it from moving outside of the trench area


  • There are three different down pressure settings to meet the field conditions
    • 59 lbs.
    • 71 lbs.
    • 84 lbs.
  • Adjustment of the pressure is easily done by moving the single handle to a different notch




The new Precision Disk 500 Air Drill sets new standards in productivity and agronomics in broad acre seeding because of the new row unit and frame design. The Precision Disk 500 utilizes an external seed supply air cart. Depending on your configuration this can be a tow between or tow behind air cart.


  • The main carrying frame utilizes 6” x 10” x 3.8” (15 cm x 25 cm x 9.5 cm) wall tubes to support the row unit carrying sub-frame
  • The center main frame tubes are oriented in a “V” to distribute the weight of the main frame
    • Adds additional support and stability during transport
  • The front castor wheels travel in a different path than the rear castor wheels
    • Provides exceptional weight distribution especially in softer soils and reduced ground pressure
    • Reduced ground pressure for even emergence
    • Allows for a smaller transport envelope


  • Is a three section frame drill with single fold wings to provide narrow transport
  • Each wing pivot utilizes hardened grade 8 wing pins with replaceable hardened bushings for long wear life
  • A single fold cylinder is used to fold the wings
    • Provides fewer service points and results in more uptime and reliability
  • When in field position, the wings can flex up 15 degrees and 10 degrees down for superior ground following


  • The operator can easily adjust the rear rank depth and closing system pressure
  • No need to crawl on top of the drill to make any adjustments
  • The depth adjusting T-handle on each row unit is easy to reach and adjust


  • The vertical fold design allows for lowest transport height in the industry as well as narrow transport widths
    • The 30 ft. Precision Disk Drill also utilizes a wing lock for safe transport
  • To fold or unfold the tool, a single remote lever in the tractor is used
  • While transporting or pulling in/out of a field, the ground clearance of the openers is 8.5 in.
  • The wide profile of the transport wheels provide the stability to move the disk drill confidently
    • Even at higher roading speeds
      • Maximum Transport speed should not exceed 20 mph.


  • Nearly every part of the Precision Disk drill is powder coated to provide a superior paint coating
  • Prevents corrosion
  • Resistant to impacts and paint fading UV rays


  • A majority of the set-up is completed before it leaves the factory
    • Reduces set-up time
    • Improves reliability
    • Increases up-time
  • The items requiring set up when the tool arrives at the dealership or set-up shop are:
    • Air pack system with associated hydraulics/electronics (30 ft. and 40 ft.)
    • Blockage sensing system (30 ft. and 40 ft.)
    • Front/rear hitch (40 ft. version)
    • Front/rear wheel spars 40 ft. version)



Case IH Precision Disk 500 Air Drill lets you be more versatile by allowing you to attach an air cart to either tow-between or tow-behind.


  • The front pull hitch is a floating style hitch
    • Allows the disk drill to float up and down, independently from the tractor and hitch
    • Improves ground following and seed depth control because the hitch will not raise or lower the front of the tool when the tractor rides over a hill or obstacle


  • A strong cast Cat IV clevis
  • For secure hitching, this type of hitch requires a 2” hitch pin


  • A rear hitch is available to hook up any Tow-Behind air cart
  • The rear hitch is designed to ensure a tight implement turning radius and follow the tracks created by the tractor during transport
  • Provides enough room to allow the drill frame to be folded into the transport position without disconnecting the air system
  • A rear hitch package is available to provide the needed hydraulic and electronic power to the Tow Behind Air Cart
    • Lights and ISOBUS connection


  • When utilizing a Tow Between Air Cart a convenient rear hitch can also be added to the drill to tow other caddies
    • Ammonia
    • Liquid Tank



Better stands. Better yields. Producers will achieve best-in-class emergence in a wide variety of soils and residues. Case IH Precision Disk 500 Air Drills offer the most accurate seed placement available.


  • Standard air package
    • Ideal for almost every crop and fertilizer type
    • The primary and secondary runs feature UV resistant flexible PVC with a steel header and EZ-Flow manifold
  • Extended Wear
    • Ideal for highly abrasive crops like rice
    • The primary run features 2.5 in. ID flexible PVC hoses, each with a Urethane Liner that resists wear and extends the life of the hose
    • The secondary run is UV resistant 1 in. flexible PVC hose


  • Offers the ability to easily split the front and rear ranks to allow seeding with only the front or only the rear rank
    • 15 in. row spacing
  • Raising the ranks, then rotating either the upper (front rank) or lower (rear rank) pair of valves will prevent the rank from lowering
    • Rank lock-up pins should also be inserted
  • Along with locking up the front or rear rank, stopping the seed is also required for split rank operation
    • A header insert kit should be ordered to stop seed flow to the split rank


  • EZ Flow Header is designed for easy serviceability and accurate product distribution
  • A replacement steel tip on the insert reduces abrasion effect and prolongs life
  • Quick access to inspect riser tube and manifold ports


  • Optical sensors that monitor the product flow through the delivery system are optional
  • Advantages include:
    • Quickly alerts product flow concerns for quick resolution
    • Reduces skips
    • Ensures higher yields
  • When an obstruction is detected, the operator will hear an audible alarm in the cab and the blocked run will be displayed on the console
  • These sensors provide non-contact monitoring as either primary or secondary run systems for single-shoot configurations


  • Standard Wear air package
    • The patented dimpling in the header stand allows for randomized air flow and creates even seed distribution to the EZ Flow header
    • The dimpling pattern eliminates overloading of seed to one side of the header stand
  • Extended Wear air package
    • Includes a high wear header that prevents areas with high amounts of seed contact from wearing out
    • The header includes a reinforced area at the elbow as well as reinforced dimples to prevent the header from wearing out prematurely

Advanced Farming Systems (AFS)


The Precision Disk 500 Disk Drill features can be managed with ease on the AFS Pro 700 monitor. Its convenient, one-page seeding display keeps all the necessary information close at hand. Case IH designed this machine to handle the needs of producers who want to be accurate, efficient and profitable.


  • To simplify operation, all of the necessary screens to operate the Precision Disk 500 are all on one page – no need to change screens
    • In Cab Down Pressure Control (If Equipped)
    • Air Cart Control


  • Often customers desires to keep their current tractor and display. The electronic systems of the Precision Disk Drills are designed to meet that demand and are able to display:
    • In Cab Down Pressure Control (If Equipped)
    • Air Cart Control
Make Case IH
Model Precision Disk 500
Seeding Method No-Till disk, parallel link
Row Spacings, in (mm) 7.5 or 10 (191 or 254)
Seed Supply: Air Cart or Integral Tank Air Cart
Type of Frame & Transport Folding Method Vertical fold, three section
Machine Dimensions and Weight  
Working Width, Minimum, ft-in (m) 30' (9.14)
Working Width, Maximum, ft-in (m) 40' (12.19)
Transport Width, Minimum, ft-in (m) 12' (3.65)
Transport Width, Maximum, ft-in (m) 18' 6" (5.63)
Transport Height, Minimum, ft-in (m) 13' (3.96)
Transport Height, Maximum, ft-in (m) 13' 10" (4.21)
Transport Length, Minimum, ft-in (m) 36' 5" (11.09)
Transport Length, Maximum, ft-in (m) 38' 7" (11.75)
Number of Furrows, Minimum 36
Number of Furrows, Maximum 64
Basic Weight, Minimum, lb (kg) 17,500 (7938)
Basic Weight, Maximum, lb (kg) 24,800 (11250)
Variants Available 2
Primary Opener Assembly  
Opener Type Single 18" (457) coulter, 7 degree angle
Depth Gauging System 4.5" (114) wide gauge wheel
Opener-Mounted Press Wheel Description 4" (102) wide double edged 
Seeding Depth, Maximum, in (mm) 3.5" (89), 14 increments
Down Pressure, Minimum lb (kg) 59 (27)
Down Pressure, Maximum lb (kg) 84 (38)
Trip Load, lb (kg) No trip
Type of Fertilizer Delivery np
Frame Mounted Press Wheels  
Frame Mtd. Press Wheels - Width range, , in (mm) See opener-mounted press wheel
Frame Mtd. Press Wheels - Wheel / Tire Description See opener-mounted press wheel
Tires and Frame  
Center Frame Tire Size; Min, Max 12.5Lx15 dual front; 18Lx16.1 dual rear
Wing Frame Tire Size; Min, Max 12.5Lx15 single front and rear std; dual opt.
Frame Height Control Hydraulic
Number of Ranks 2
Distance Between Ranks in (mm) 59 (1499)
Under Frame Clearance in (mm) np
Opener to Road Clearance in (mm) 8.5 (216)
Sales Literature  
Literature Number PL-3079-12
Literature Date 11/01/2012
Manual Number --
Manual Date --
Manufacturing Status Current
First Entry Date 11/01/2012
Revision Date --