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Model RB454 Round Baler

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Size Matters for Windrows

RB 4 Series round baler pickups are substantially wider than the bale chamber. This allows them to pick up the widest windrows and pack more crop into the sides of the chamber for firm bales.

  • More tines grab more hay
    • Tines vary from 72 on the RB444 to 144 on the RB554 and RB564
  • The low-profile design allows the pickup to float over ground contours
  • The pickup’s forward location allows you to view windrows feeding and crop flowing evenly into the bale chamber
  • Long, large diameter augers on wide pickups ensure smooth crop flow
  • Pickups are protected from overload with a slip or ratchet clutch


Dense & Uniform Bales

RB 4 Series round balers use the combined action of low-profile, chevron-patterned belts and sturdy all-steel rolls to form dense, uniform bales.

  • Endless three-ply chevron belts eliminate lacing maintenance
  • The adjustable hydraulic belt tensioning system puts density control at your fingertips (N/A on RB444), and the front pressure gauge allows density monitoring

The floor roll starts the bale formation process by moving the crop from the pickup to the belts and into the core cavity.

  • The powered floor roll carries a large portion of bale weight inside the chamber, reducing belt stress
  • The forming rolls help curl the crop and quickly starts an edible core
  • The variable bale chamber allows you to customize bale diameter


Consistent twine placement

  • The electronic-controlled twine wrap system ensures consistent twine placement, automatically starts the twine wrapping process, and has a full-bale alarm to alert you to stop forward motion and an in-cab monitor to alert you when the tying cycle is complete
  • An optional electronic-controlled twine/mesh wrap system is available with the press of a button on RB454 Silage, RB454 Rotor Cutter Silage, RB464 and RB564
  • The RB444 tying system features a fast, electric, single-arm twine system that applies two strands of twine at once, an adjustable twine guide and a full-bale light that alerts you when it’s time to activate the twine arm


Adjust on the fly

  • Make bale size adjustments on the go
  • Tying and wrapping controls allow for the adjustment of tying/wrapping patterns
  • The tailgate latch indicator alerts you when to start baling after a bale is ejected
  • The electronic bale counter provides daily and total bale counts
  • Bale-shape indicator:
    • Standard on all models, except the RB444
    • Uses visual bar graphs and audible signals to indicate which side of the bale needs more hay
    • Guides your driving pattern so the chamber is evenly filled


Reduce Drydown time

RB454 Silage and RB454 Rotor Cutter Silage drastically reduce time spent waiting for drydown by allowing you
to make high-quality forage without a silo. Numerous special features make these balers ideal for your forage needs.

Special Silage Features Include:

  • 4x5-ft. (1.2x1.5-m) bales
  • The ability to turn crops with up to 65% moisture content into round-bale silage
  • Dual-cam pickup with large-diameter augers, angled feed floor, heavy-duty frame
  • Heavy-duty feeder with two positions specifically for silage baling
  • Belts designed to eliminate the need for lacings for better durability in wet silage
  • A rubber backwrap roll that prevents sticky crop buildup

RB454 Rotor Cutter Silage has a large-diameter rotor to pull crop over 15 stationary knives and cut as short as 2.6 in. (0.76m) for better haylage and less wasted dry hay.


Make Case IH
Model RB454 Rotor Cutter Silage
Bale Size  
Bale diameter, in (mm) 36 - 60 (914 - 1524)
Bale width, in (mm) 46.5 (1182)
Bale weight, lb (kg) 550 - 1,800 (249 - 816)
Bale Forming  
Bale chamber, Fixed or Variable Variable chamber
Forming mechanism, Belts, Rolls, Chain & slats 5 rolls and 6 belts
Belt width, in (mm) 7 (178)
Belt description Endless 3-ply
Tensioning method 1 extension spring; 1 hydraulic cylinder
Cutter, Chopper, Slicer  
Cutter-chopper available Rotor Cutter, 15 knives
Bale ejector  
Bale ejector description Bale ramp spring loaded; hyd. opt.
Twine and Wrap Systems  
Twine ball storage, quantity 6
Twine system control Electric, Automatic
Netwrap, meshwrap feature Available
Standard Pickup  
Pickup working width, in (mm) 94 (2388)
Outer tine-to-tine width, standard, in (mm) 81.5 (2070)
Tine spacing, in (mm) 2.63 (67)
Number of tine bars or tine rows 4
Number of tines 128
Windguard description 10 rods, adjustable
Pickup gauge wheel 2 Standard
Pickup lift, manual or hydraulic Hydraulic lift standard
Optional Pickup  
Optional pickup working width, in (mm) No option
Outer tine-to-tine width, optional, in (mm) No option
Standard Tire size 19 x 45-17, 10 ply
Optional Tire size No option
Baler Dimensions and Weight  
Overall length, gate closed, in (mm) 185 (4700)
Overall baler width, in (mm) 95 (2413)
Overall height, gate closed, in (mm) 116 (2950)
Weight, lbs (kg) 6,505 (2951)
PTO Drive  
PTO speed, rpm 540
Drive protection Cutout clutch
Tractor Requirements  
Tractor power, hp (kW) 100 (75) PTO
Number of hydraulic remote circuits 4
Sales Literature  
Literature number CIH11130803
Literature date 11/01/2008
Manual Number HF-5114-09
Manual Date 05/01/2009
Entry Date  
Manufacturing Status Current
First Entry Date 09/01/2007
Revision Date 01/01/2012
na = Not Applicable, np = Not Published