2015 Axial-Flow 5140 — TIER 4 B/Final for sale at Hlavinka Equipment Co, Texas. Serving your new and used equipment needs from East Bernard, El Campo, Victoria, Rosenberg, Nome, Bay City, and Taft, TX.

Model 2015 Axial-Flow 5140 — TIER 4 B/Final

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Like their legendary predecessors, new Axial-Flow 240 series combines will deliver the top performance that producers have come to expect, and more. More high quality grain, simplicity, crop adaptability, matched capacity, and top resale values – plus unmatched horsepower in their respective classes.


Regardless of crop, field condition or farm size, Case IH Axial-Flow combines are proven to produce the highest in both grain quantity and quality. As a member of the Case IH Efficient Power family, Axial-Flow Combines are designed to deliver exceptional fuel and fluid economy as well as impressive horsepower.  In fact, our six 40 series models offer full Tier 4B Final compliance.


Case IH offers the broadest model offering to meet the needs of any operation, including two Class VII models so producers can tailor a machine to their unique needs. From the hardworking, simple Class V Axial-Flow 5140 with 265 horsepower all the way up to the powerful Class IX Axial-Flow 9240 that peaks at 625 horsepower, you will find an Axial-Flow combine perfectly suited for your operation’s needs. From header to spreader, Axial-Flow series systems are carefully matched to ensure efficiency and productivity. The Axial-Flow line represents simplicity and reliability with the fewest drive components and longest service intervals in the industry. It also leads the industry with features such as the largest cleaning systems, most innovative drive systems, and largest selection of headers.


Axial-Flow 40 series combines with Tier 4B Final Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) technology, deliver more power and better fuel efficiency with extended service intervals and minimal scheduled maintenance. Case IH engines treat emissions in the exhaust, using proven SCR engine technology. This means that the engines are designed to provide responsive power and improved fuel economy. They also run cooler, unlike power-robbing EGR solutions.


In the 38 years since we introduced our first combine featuring the Axial-Flow single rotor design, we’ve done nothing but refine and improve its performance. Now available on six models, each giving you superior grain quality and incredible overall value. We determined early on that a single rotor design was the right solution, and as the only manufacturer with this technology, we’re proud to bring it to you.

Drive Systems

Whether you want simplicity and convenience or superior control, Case IH Axial-Flow combines are available with the rotor technology right for you. Our 140 series delivers proven technology through a simple, efficient and reliable belt-driven rotor design. Or choose our flagship 240 series — featuring our innovative Power Plus® Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) drive that is belt-free and low maintenance.  This innovative design offers unique in-field capabilities including rotor de-slug, feeder de-slug and our patented header to groundspeed syncing which together helps save time, boost productivity and deliver the ultimate in operator control.


We pioneered rotor development back in the 1960’s. Since then, refinements, enhancements, and improvements have led to the pinnacle in rotor performance, the AFX rotor. It features constant pitch impellers that draw the crop and air into the rotor. The AFX rotor can be set into many configurations, adapting to both crop and threshing conditions with the use of straight bars, spiked rasp bars, and helical kickers. Competitive rotor and cage designs can reduce productivity, and increase grain damage because of inefficient feeding and crop-control designs.


High-capacity combines need large, high-capacity cleaning systems. Axial-Flow combines match cleaning system capacity to the size of the machine, providing superior efficiency, grain sample quality and savings. The Cross-Flow cleaning fan uses its patented design to deliver consistently clean grain samples no matter the harvest condition. The result is exceptional grain quality, ideal for food-grade crops or crops grown by any producer that demands the most from his machine.


The Case IH residue management system is built to handle the tough residue associated with new crop genetics. We offer the widest range of residue management features on the market to tailor residue to your tillage and livestock demands. The system delivers consistency across the larger header widths used on the Axial-Flow 40 series combines, helps prepare the ground for next year’s crop and creates consistent windrow formation.


Large grain tanks, longer augers and quick-folding, no-tools-required grain tanks extensions are standard on all Axial-Flow combine models. The new 40 series, with an all-new upgraded unload system, raises the bar with up to 40 percent faster unload times.


With one of the largest and quietest cabs among the foremost combine manufacturers, the Axial-Flow cab gives you industry-leading glass and unsurpassed sight lines so you can keep an eye on the entire header. With its ergonomic and intuitive design, you get maximized comfort and productivity. Climb up and enjoy - this is what leadership looks like.


Case IH Axial-Flow combine designs are driven by input from our customers. This creates a combine that is intuitive, simple to set, easy to adjust and operate. From the no-tools-required extensions to the electronically adjustable sieves, everything about these machines was created for your unique needs.


The factory-installed AFS AccuGuide autoguidance system offers unsurpassed accuracy and convenience, allowing you to maximize production. Building the system with the combine at Case IH ensures correct installation, testing and a higher level of quality. It also eliminates waiting for a technician to install additional components. The autoguidance system simplifies your work and we just simplified the process.


With fewer moving parts, the simple and reliable Axial-Flow combine has made the most of short harvest windows for over 38 years. You'll appreciate the time you can save thanks to optional powered grain tank covers that can be controlled in-cab. The grain tank extensions can also be powered on 40 series combines. In addition, Power Plus CVT drives on 240 series models provide more power, less downtime and unique in-field capabilities like patented header to groundspeed syncing to ensure smooth material flow from header to spreader.

Horsepower, Rated - hp (kW) 265 (198) 
Horsepower, Maximum - hp (kW) 308 (230) 
Power Boost - hp (kW) 43 (32) 
Engine Make Case IH FPT 
Engine Model 6.7L 
Number of Cylinders
Piston Displacement - cu in (L) 409 (6.7) 
Emission Tier Level Tier 4B / Final 
Fuel Tank Capacity - gal (L) 250 (945) 
Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) Tank Capacity, gal (L) 40.8 (156) 
Feeder Width - in (mm) 45.5 (1156) 
Feeder Speed Variable 2 Speed Optional 
Feeder Reverser Control Electro-Hydraulic 
Feeder Tilt Adjustment Std 
Stone / Rock Protection Manual Box 
Threshing System Type, Rotary or Conventional Cylinder Longitudinal rotor 
Number of Rotors or Cylinders 1 Rotor 
Rotor or Cylinder Description Staggered Rasp Bars 
Rotor or Cylinder Diameter - in (mm) 30 (762) 
Rotor or Cylinder Length - in (mm) 110 (2794) 
Rotor or Cylinder Speed Range - rpm 250 - 1150 
Threshing Area Wrap - degrees 156 
Concave Adjustment Electric 
Total Sieve Area - sq in (sq m) 7,947 (5.13) 
Leveling System Available No 
Cleaning Fan Description Cross Flow 
Cleaning Fan Speed Range - rpm 450 - 1250 
Grain Tank Capacity, Standard - bu (L) 250 (8810) 
Optional Grain Tank Capacity - bu (L) 300 (10572) 
Unloading Rate - bu/sec. (L/Sec) 2.5 (88) 
Unloading Auger Diameter - in (mm) 12 (305) 
Unloading Auger Length, Standard - ft-in (m) 21' 6" (6.55) 
Optional Auger Length - ft-in (m) 24' 5" (7.44) 
Reach from Machine Center, Standard Auger - ft-in (m) 21' 6" (6.55) 
Reach from Machine Center, Optional Auger - ft-in (m) 24' 5" (7.44) 
Reference Drive Tire Size 30.5L R32 
Steering Tire Size 480/70 R30 
Rubber Tracks Available No 
- WEIGHTS and DIMENSIONS, without Header  
Weight, 2WD, Single Drive Tires - lb (kg) 40,000 (18144) 
Wheelbase, 2WD - in (mm) 150 (3816) 
Transport Height - ft-in (m) 12' 10" (3.91) cab height, tank folded 
Literature Number CIH04221301 
Literature Date April, 2013 
Manual Number 47532229 
Manual Date 2013 
Manufacturing Status, Current or Archive Current 
First Entry Date December, 2013 
Revision Date --