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We have experience with:

  • Exporting to:  Africa, Central/South America, Australia, and Europe. 
  • Export Letters of Credit
  • EXIM Bank
  • Timely and accurate documents
  • Maritime insurance
  • Exports to almost every continent
  • On-site support

We have staff traveling internationally several months out of the year every year providing training, on-site support, ag consultation, equipment setup, etc.

All of our prices are EXW at our Hlavinka Equipment Company location.  Units listed on this website are priced for domestic sale.  Normally, our international customers, particularly for more rural agricultural locations, desire for units to be made either field ready or to have more reconditioning work done than our average United States domestic customer desires.  This leads to additional cost for the additional reconditioning.  We usually do not recommend for our international customers that they purchase a machine without being reconditioned for international export.  There are also often additional charges when a unit must be disassembled for shipment.

Hlavinka Equipment Company has worked to create a reputation for providing equipment that will truly serve our international customers well in the field.  We have done that by putting “feet on the ground” consistently in our customers’ fields. 

Thank you for considering Hlavinka Equipment Co. for your international equipment needs.

Peter Stelzel, International Sales

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