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Brazos River / Rice Farming Story on Fox

Watch this local report featuring equipment from Hlavinka Equipment Company.

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  • AFS AccuTurn: Swath Trigger

    Informational video on how to properly setup AFS AccuTurn to trigger off the end of a guidance swath utilizing the turn now feature for hands free turning operation.

  • AFS Pro 700 Display: Competitive Guidance Line Importing

    Learn how to import guidance lines made on competitive displays for use within the AFS Pro 700 display.

  • AFS AccuTurn: Headland or Boundary Trigger

    Informational video on how to properly setup AFS AccuTurn to trigger off a headland or boundary. Learn how to create a boundary, headland, and how to setup your hands-free AFS AccuTurn to trigger off one of these triggers.

  • AFS AccuTurn: Setup and Overview

    Learn how to activate, setup, operate and adjust AFS AccuTurn to work for best for your tractor and operation.

  • Celebrating 175 Years of History Behind Case IH

    It all began in 1842 with J.I. Case. 175 years later, Case IH is celebrating the past by looking toward the future.

  • Case IH Steiger & Magnum Scraper Tractors

    Case IH Steiger and Magnum tractors have the power you need to get the job done – from site prep to land leveling to general earth moving.

  • 2160 Early Riser Planter: Featuring the Rowtrac Carrier System

    The 2160 Early Riser planter features the optional Rowtrac Carrier System for improved flotation and reduced soil compaction in challenging field conditions. An industry-first three-axis steerable track solution provides better maneuverability and a smoother toolbar ride compared with wheeled carriers.

  • 2150 Early Riser Planter: First-season Customer Experiences

    Discover how producers who operated the 2150 Early Riser planter achieved excellent seed-to-soil contact, faster, more uniform emergence, and higher yields. From improved ruggedness and the ability to travel higher speeds to reduced maintenance and seamless in-cab adjustments, the 2150 provided the ultimate planting experience.

  • Precision Disk 500 & 500T Air Drills: Make Every Seed Count

    The features we put into the Precision Disk 500 & 500T gives you the confidence that you're making every seed count.

  • Case IH UAV: Taking Data Collection to New Heights

    In addition to collecting timely information from the cab, producers can now collect data from the sky with the Case IH UAV. In collaboration with industry-leader DroneDeploy®, this new drone package quickly takes the pulse of crop health for real-time decision-making.

  • AFS ElectriSteer: Affordable & Effective Autoguidance

    An autoguidance solution that allows easy integration into existing equipment that doesn't currently have factory installed autoguidance capabilities. Teamed up with the AFS AccuStar Receiver this solution offers an affordable option for obtaining autoguidance capabilities.

  • Nutri-Placer 930 Fertilizer Applicator: HSLD Coulter Option

    Capable of speeds up to 11 mph, the Nutri-Place 930 fertilizer applicator with new High-speed Low Disturbance (HSLD) coulter helps you cover more acres per day for increased productivity, lower tractor hours and reduced fuel consumption. In Case IH field testing, the Nutri-Placer 930 HSLD provided better residue cover, significantly fewer clods and reduced lateral soil movement compared to other coulter-style applicators on the market.

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